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Sharing Stories in Stoney (Îethka)

Individual storytellers sharing their stories and their strong connection to ancient landscapes, language, and culture. All videos are presented in the Îethka language with English subtitles.  

Andrew Holloway


Andrew Holloway is a member of the Stoney Nakoda First Nation, and an artist who predominately works with metal. Click here to watch Andrew explain the various motivations behind the artwork he created for the McDougall Memorial United Church.


Virgle Stephens

Virgle Stephens is a respected elder of the Stoney Nakoda First Nation.  Click here to see three of Virgle's stories that focus on the importance of education and working together for a better future.


Clarice Kootenay

Clarice Kootenay is a Stoney Nakoda and is the proud granddaughter of Tatâga Mânî (Walking Buffalo).  Click here to see Clarice's stories.


Helmer Twoyoungmen


Helmer Twoyoungmen is a grandfather and actor from the Stoney Nakoda First Nation.  Click here to see four of Helmer's stories.


Travis Rider

Travis Rider is a Stoney Nakoda Knowledge keeper.  Click here to see Travis explain the origin of the name of the Bow River and the importance of following the path of peace.


Paul Chiniquay


Paul is a respected Stoney Nakoda elder and the great grandson of John Che-Ne-Ka, one of the three Stoney chiefs that signed Treaty 7. Click here to see Paul's stories about the settlers' arrival in western Canada and the building of the Morleyville settlement.

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